Truth of Land


“Truth will spring out of the earth and righteousness will look down from heaven” (Psalms 85, 12)


      For Hebrew version of the site (including an article about the borders of the Temple Mount and the location and orientation of the Temple and an article about the walls of Nechemia) click Hebrew.


The purpose of this site is to reveal the mathematical design of the Land of Israel.  By Land of Israel, we mean : the borders, division into tribes, journeys of Sons of Israel in the desert, location of different places mentioned in Tanach. The next level of design is the city of Jerusalem in the past and in the future, the walls of Nehemiah and location of different sites in Jerusalem. The third level is the Temple Mount, its exterior walls and gates; inside it the holly court of 500 by 500 cubits with its gates; inside it the inner court of 135 by 187 cubits with gates and chambers; inside it the Temple-the Second in the past and the Third in the future. All levels of the design are interlocked in a huge puzzle. The parts of the puzzle fit with astonishing accuracy.

     Full description of this puzzle takes a book of more than two thousand pages, still under preparation. Meanwhile we will place here an expanded  abstract of the book with maps of Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. For the abstract click abstract.

For the computer designed future map of Israel according to Ezekiel, including the stops in the desert and other locations click Israel map. The same map with additional information could be seen by Google Earth. Open the file Land of Israel by Google Earth or save it on your computer and open it there.

For the computer designed map of Jerusalem with walls of Nehemiah Ch.3 following the line of the actual walls excavated by Bliss and Dickie click Jerusalem map.

For the computer designed detailed map of the Temple mount click Temple mount (the line of the exterior wall is based on actual geodetic measurements done recently; the details in the interior of the Temple mount are taken from modern aerial maps or from maps of Wilson).

1. New paper (added on 7/16/04) The form of the Menorah 

2. Paper in Russian (added on 1/26/05) The number pi and the Sea of Solomon

3. The same paper in English (added on 4/17/07) Number pi and Solomon's molten sea

4. A basic paper in English (added on 3/1/08) The cubit and shekel of Torah, htm file, docx file